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"It was so relaxing and enjoyable to paint, it was EASY!"

- Karl K.

"Ingredients for creative afternoons: an audiobook, a cup of hot chocolate, and a number painting canvas from Christian PBN!"

- Kathryn W.

"Painting like this is so RELAXING. Especially after a long day of work!"

- Monica W.

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Our Customers Love Us

Amanda K.


"We loved the quality of the products. We painted our hearts out and even with it being a hard one it turned out so amazing. I am not a craft person and it is amazing! Will be doing more and buying for gifts also!!"

Elise A.


"This is so much fun and relaxing! Heaven knows I need some down time. Can't wait to try the others!"

Luci P.


""It was so relaxing and enjoyable to paint. I usually wouldn't do something like this but I was looking for an activity to do after work that wasn't TV. What a great way to feel close to the Savior!Painting these makes me feel good about how I am spending my alone time."

Melissa B.


"Three of my kids and I took turns painting our picture and all of us loved it and we love how it turned out. Of course there were some mistakes and when I went to touch them up my 12 yo told me to leave them to remind us that we aren’t perfect and we all need Jesus." 🥺♥️

Step 1:

Lay out your canvas and
organize the provided acrylic
paint and brushes.

Each kit includes: the rolled canvas,
a full set of paints, and 3 fine paint brushes.

Step 2:

Match the numbers on the
paint to the canvas and then PAINT.
(Tip: Listen to a book or watch a favorite tv show,
or just take time to relax.)

Step 3:

Stand back and admire your masterpiece. Frame it, hang it, or gift it - whatever you want! 

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